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Scooters are a great way for you to save money on gas, maintenance and overall costs while offering the versatile of being able to park virtually anywhere. Unlike other companies we only offer
you the top brand models to insure we deliver the highest quality and customer satisfaction. Need help choosing which model is right for you? Simply head over to our contact page and we will respond that same day. We are based in the United States and customer satisfaction is our top priority.
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SSR 150cc Legend Gas Scooter Moped SSR 150cc Legend Gas Scooter Moped

SSR 150cc Legend Gas Scooter Moped
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Carb ApprovedYes
Start TypeElectric
Wheel Size - Front/Rear10 - 10
Top Speed45MPH
Seat HeightN/A
Transmission4 Speed
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MSRP: $1,599.00
Order by Phone: 810-516-1710. We offer PAYPAL & SKRILL (Moneybookers) for online sales which both take credit and debit cards. FALL BLOWOUT SALE: $1,289.00
Today’s Savings!!: $310.00

No matter what you need, the first day you take your SSR Scooter out for a ride you will be filled with joy. Each of our SSR Scooters cruise quietly (unless you modify the exhaust, of course!) down the road and their shocks absorb every bump in the road. You can feel confident and safe riding any model of SSR Scooter in traffic with its fast acceleration and quick stopping power. They are the ultimate city cruising machine!

For most, a scooter just doesn't seem practical. They come off as sluggish and not appealing. SSR Scooters change that by offering the coolest styling and the most powerful engines. If you have minimal knowledge of tuning a carburetor you can push a 50cc model to the area of 50 MPH! You're SSR Scooters will have the power to pass regular car on the roadway with ease as well as allow you to give it throttle to avoid collisions.

Each model of SSR Scooters we offer comes outfitted with beefy brakes. They are metallic brake pads that when depressed grip the rotor hard to bring you to a safe, fast stop. For most the last thing they want to happen is have a small furry animal run in front of them while on their scooter! Now you can ride easy knowing if this ever happens you will have the ability to effectively slow down your SSR Scooter allowing you enough time to avoid the obstacle and scoot away safely.

For most states, a motorcycle license is not required to operate a scooter deemed as "50cc". We offer the LARGEST variety of 50cc SSR Scooters on the web! These awesome little machines get 90+MPG, require minimal insurance or none in rare occasions and you can operate them with a regular drivers license! Please check your local state laws regarding 50cc SSR Scooters before ordering. It varies state to state.

Now for the big boys, 150cc SSR Scooters require motorcycle licenses to require. They feature brisk acceleration as well as high top speeds, sometimes reach 75+MPH. We're not too sure about you, but going 75+MPH on a scooter should require some pre-knowledge of what to do in case of an emergency at those speeds! Phew.

Don't let the terms scooter and moped get you confused! Most DMV's deem an SSR Scooter as an SSR Moped, leaving you with the utmost confusion! In reality a Scooter is a Gas Scooter and a Moped is a Bicycle with an engine. If it has pedals, its a moped! Either way your getting nothing but a reliable, fast and efficient way of getting around. So no matter if you choose SSR Scooters or SSR Mopeds.. it's the same thing!

Have a college student? SSR Scooters are great for those in school or on large campuses for extended periods of time. These scooters will save them tons of money on gas, fees and in most cases can even be kept INSIDE their dorm rooms! No more worrying about where they need to park their car or getting a parking pass. Simply park the scooter within your front doorway and that's it! You will know whatever model of SSR Scooters you choose will be safely tucked away out of harms way.

SSR Scooters take up little to no space, and offer minimal height restrictions. Most keep their SSR Scooters along side their garage as to allow them to park their car inside as well. Every model of SSR Scooters stores easily and efficiently. No more reserving a "special spot" in your garage for your new toy. Simply store your SSR Scooters in a corner and you're done!