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Tao Tao ATVs are the most reliable, durable and popular Chinese based ATVs available in the U.S. Unlike most Chinese ATVs, Tao Tao ATVs are built to last. They utilize engines that are clones of popular Japanese brands such as Honda, Yamaha and so forth. You can also have peace of mind knowing we offer FREE shipping damage coverage. If anything comes damaged, we will replace it at no charge to you. So what are you waiting for, order one of our Tao Tao ATVs today!



At Powersports Distro we sell the best ATVs in the business. As a licensed Tao Tao ATV dealer, we are able to offer our customers the best prices possible on quality 4 wheelers.

We also have a highly knowledgeable support team that can answer all your questions and hook you up with items from our dedicated parts department if you already own one of our Tao Tao ATVs. We carry parts for all of our ATVs which are 100% guaranteed to be in stock.


The cheap four wheelers for sale here at Powersportsn Distro are inexpensive without sacrificing performance. We’re so confident in these quality machines that we offer a 1-Year Engine Warranty. If you do find a Tao Tao ATV for less somewhere else let us know, and we guarantee to beat it.

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A little info about Kids ATVs and Adult Four Wheelers (quads)

As defined by the American National Standards Institute, or ANSI, an ATV is a low-speed vehicle that can travel on most forms of land terrain, rough or smooth, thanks to its low-pressure tires.

Currently, the United States doesn’t consider all kinds of ATVs street-legal, unlike in some parts of the world, where ATV owners are free to drive their vehicles on all roads. In the U.S., the All-terrain Vehicle Safety Institute (ASI) was formed to ensure that ATV riders of all ages are well-versed and educated in the proper handling of their ATVs, as well as the safety guidelines on the road. The ASI holds regular training sessions to equip ATV riders with the proper safety guidelines of ATV usage. There’s a minimal fee for registering in this class, though for new ATV owners, the training is completely free. For many states, successfully completing the ASI training program is a minor requirement for ATV riders who are considered minors. This training will allow them to secure a license so they can drive their kid’s ATV. For those not covered by the ASI, though, several states do issue a separate safety guideline class that allows drivers to secure a license.

The current Chinese brands available for ATVs are Coolster, BMS, IceBear, CFMoto, Hisun, JCL, Tao Tao, Kazuma, and others. ATVs also come in different engine sizes, ranging from 110cc, 125cc, 150cc, 250cc to 800cc.

Kids ATVs are the newest 'must have'. It's a gift any child would love. For generations children have dreamt of riding through the streets and over fields and streams on a vehicle like that. With the invention of kids ATVs that dream has now become a reality for thousands of children. It has left many of them with near permanent smiles on the faces once they unwrapped it at Christmas, got it for their birthday or for doing well at school. Today kids ATVs and their riders can be seen enjoying off-roading from coast to coast.

Riding kids ATVs was the dream of many parents. The ones with means have made that dream a reality for their children. Few things are as beautiful as parents and children with beaming smiles riding across an open field on ATVs. It's the ultimate bonding experience. The parent on a full-sized ATV and the children on kids ATV riding over hill and dale creating memories that will last a lifetime. It's what many parents work their entire lives to be able to afford to do. Spend precious time with their children having fun riding their ATVs.

Teaching a child to ride kids ATVs is an amazing experience. The bright-eyed smiling child sits overflowing with excitement at the prospect of hopping on the kids ATVs and leaving the parent in the dust. Often the children are so excited they can hardly hear a word their parent says. Waiting with baited breath for one phrase: ‘Are you ready to ride?' For a parent the look on their child's face as they climb on the ATV, grab the handle bars and start the motor for the first time is something they will remember forever.

Even people who are not independently wealthy can afford good kids ATVs. While they may not be able to afford the best brand of kids ATVs, they can surely find safe, durable, easy to ride kids ATVs to fit their budget. Part of the fun of purchasing an ATV for a child is teaching them how to maintain it. Not only will teaching them to keep the chain tight and lubed and making sure all the other parts are clean and tight help to make the ATV last a long time, it will teach the child a sense of responsibility. Something else that will last a lifetime.

There are several things to consider when choosing kids ATVs. Is an automatic, semiautomatic or manual ATV the best choice? Can the parent and the child handle the necessary maintenance? What kind of safety equipment will the child require? What does the warranty cover? There's no need to guess. Ask an expert. Consider the child's maturity and competency level and their interest in vehicle maintenance. There are also two more questions they should ask. How much fun will we have before the child outgrows the ATV and will I be spry enough to join the grandkids when they are old enough to ride the ATV?